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About us

The Cortello Hair Salons

I started this magical work many years ago, I was about 12 years old when a bit of curiosity a bit of passion 

I started attending the workshop of Heraclius Barber of Austin and his sister Gina. At the time the barbers were open on Sunday morning and the service of shaving was a cult. On Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings instead of going to play ball with friends, I couldn't wait to run in a shop to steal with eyesthe secrets of Heraclius. I was the classic "boy brush" sweeping the ground, 

I was cleaning the ashtrays and like every self-respecting kid I was recaptured every time I was just enchanted to observe good Heraclius while customer's face and then with soapy care and skill he passed the razor. Fur and hair growth and their skin was smooth, groomed and perfumed.
Remember the fingertips that sunburn as I passed my master the hot towels to remove SOAP residue and prepare the skin for impact of Cologne, the waving the towel that wafted in the air that fragrance that blended with the smell of smoke that smelled great, man.

I worked then in other salons, and when in 1981 I started officially my profession I detected a barbershop. My continued thirst for curiosity and research led me to attend many academies both in Italy than in France and England as well to women. These were the years in which the men preferred cure more hair, were also twice a week inthe Salon for a fold, but you did shave at home with electric shavers.
In 2007 returns a masculine salon to be captured.
With my staff I duck back into this new adventure the barbershops are still so few that we find some difficulty in characterizing the workshop in a classic Barber shop, but we were able to give her a good male footprint.

Today, after years of research we decided to let us produce a line of products exclusively for our brand. It is precisely in this research I started to mind the scents ritualswhen I was tiny, which according to many customers make up the skin soft and thesmell of our grandparents.